About Me


I love to make things. It's that simple. I don't have a specific craft I love, I love them all.

One of my earliest memories and my inspiration for being creative came from my grandmother, Nanna Pram. Nanna Pram had everything at her place, it was packed from corner to corner with fabrics, paper, buttons, knick knacks, paints, pencils, drawing pads, cards, gum nuts, corks, everything and anything and the most amazing doll collection I have ever seen. I loved going there, I was allowed to play with the dolls as long as I was careful. This is when I learned to appreciate and value items for how they make me feel, not their worth.

One weekend when I stayed with Nanna Pram at a place she was house sitting in Berowa, NSW. (she house sat often), Nanna Pram introduced me to paper quilling. This was the moment my creativity burst into life. I ventured into many other crafts only to find I enjoy most of them and I am good at them.

I have a talent to be able to make almost anything. I can turn a boring piece of fabric into an amazing dress; a piece of card into a greeting card masterpiece.

I have two beautiful adult daughters and blessed with 3 amazing grandchildren.  Kaiden, Makenzie and Anthony.  I am married to Chris and we live with our terribly spoiled, crazy, loving, human dog, Jasper.

The name Mishelly originated years ago when I assisted with reading in my daughters classrooms. With the nickname, Shelly, the children called me Miss Shelly and It has just stuck around for years.

Welcome to Mishelly's Creations, where everything you can imagine is real (Picasso).

Shelly xx